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Dorema Daytona 240 Touring Poled Awning


The Dorema Daytona 240 Touring Awning is one of Dorema’s most popular and highly regarded products among caravanners. It offers a combination of durability, functionality, and ease of use, making it an excellent choice for both short trips and long-term stays.

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  • awning-colour
  • Charcoal/Grey | Charcoal / Green
  • Framing Options
  • Fibretech plus 240, 25 mm EasyGrip steel
  • Manufacturer
  • Dorema
  • combined-weight
  • (canvas + standard frame) Size 5 = 31 kg / Size 19 = 47 kg (approx.)
  • Frame Type
  • Pole Awning
  • Awning Type
  • Caravan Awnings
  1. Material and Construction:
    • Roof Material: Made from TenCate All Season coated polyester, which is durable and offers excellent weather resistance.
    • Wall Material: TenCate touring quality coated polyester, known for its strength and ease of maintenance​​​.
    • Frame Options: The bike comes standard with a 25mm EasyGrip steel frame. Optional frame upgrades include stronger and lighter fibreglass​.
  2. Design and Functionality:
    • Depth: 240 cm, providing ample space for living, dining, and storage.
    • Panels: Both front and side panels can be rolled down or zipped out, offering flexibility in usage. The side panels feature a door and part fly screen for ventilation​​​.
    • Ventilation: The front panel has a ventilation opening in the ridge and a fly screen panel on the right-hand side to improve airflow and reduce condensation​.
    • Stability: Equipped with a sewn-in SafeLock System to attach a Dorema SafeLock Kit for added security in adverse weather conditions​​​.
  3. Optional Accessories:
    • Annexes: Tall annexes with pointed roofs and optional inner tents are available to provide additional sleeping or storage space.
    • Safe Lock System: This provides extra stability and security in windy conditions.
    • Palma Awning Canopy: This can be attached to the front for added shade and space​​​.
    • Starlon Carpet: To complement the Dorema Daytona 240 awning (depth: 240 cm), order a Starlon carpet with a width of 250 cm and a length matching your specific awning size. (e.g. if your awning is size 13, order 250 x 600)
  4. Sizes and Colors:
    • Sizes: Available in sizes from 750 cm to 1125 cm to fit various caravan models.
    • Colours: Typically available in Charcoal/Grey and Charcoal/Green colour schemes​​.
  5. Weight:
    • The combined weight of the canvas and standard frame varies by size, with Size 5 weighing approximately 31 kg and Size 19 weighing around 47 kg​.

Customer Feedback:

  • Quality and Durability: Customers appreciate the high-quality materials and robust construction, which ensures the awning performs well in various weather conditions and over extended use​​.
  • Ease of Use: The EasyGrip frame system and straightforward setup process receive positive feedback, making it suitable for both seasoned caravanners and newcomers​​.
  • Versatility: The removable panels and optional accessories allow users to customize the awning to their needs, enhancing its functionality and comfort​​​.

The Dorema Daytona 240 Touring Awning is highly recommended for those seeking a spacious, durable, and versatile awning for both touring and seasonal pitches. Its high-quality materials, ease of setup, and extensive features make it a popular option among caravanners.

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